Pure. Unfiltered. Authentic.


At Dimitri Olive Farms, we take pride in the authenticity of our product, the purest in the olive oil market. Our 200-year-old olive farms off the Mediterranean coast produces only the finest, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, manufactured and cold-pressed by us.

From our farms in Southern Greece
to your kitchen in the USA.

Our Olive Trees

The foothills of Mt. Taygetos in the southern region of Greece provide the ideal climate and soil for our trees to grow. The salty breeze from the Mediterranean, the sun, and seasonal rain infuse our Koroneiki and Athinolia olives with their nutrients, flavors, and aromas.



Our unique process produces the purest form of extra virgin olive oil in the market, and boasts the real meaning of extra virgin.


Farm to Kitchen

We are the farmers, the producers, and the distributors. Authentic olive oil 100% produced by Dimitri Olive Farms.


Family Operated

For over 200 years, the Giannakos Family has produced the finest unfiltered extra virgin olive oil in Southern Greece.

The Dimitri Legacy

Dimitri Giannakos

Farmer, Producer, Importer. In the early 2000s, Dimitri Giannakos took over the family’s farms in Greece and decided it was time to bring this superior quality EVOO to the states to share with family, friends, restaurants and other potential wholesale accounts. As a young kid, Giannakos watched his grandfather and father produce the best olive oil in the world and importing it to the USA would be the best way to honor his family. Dimitri named the brand Dimitri Olive Oil after his grandfather.

Dimitri Komninos

President & CEO. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Dimitri Komninos came to the USA at 11 years old. Besides missing his family and country, he missed the fresh, pure extra virgin olive oil that his grandfather always stored in the basement. This pure olive oil came from the family's olive farms from the village of Krokees in southern Greece. This is where Dimitri’s grandmother was born, located not far from Sparta. Right out of high school, Dimitri decided to join his step dad (Giannakos) in the business. Dimitri traveled back to Greece to learn the process of picking olives and producing the oil. While studying at the University of Baltimore in International Business, Komninos gained a lot of knowledge and worked to expand the product line and manage wholesale accounts nationwide.

Omiros Giannakos

Head of Sales and Operations in the Northern Virginia and DC area. Born in Sparta, Greece and raised on the olive farm, Omiros is passionate about growing the family business and introducing the pure product to customers. He frequently travels back to the olive farm to assist with the olive picking process and production.


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