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Adopt & Baptize an Olive Tree

Why Adopt a Tree

Olive tree adoption helps us to pay for olive grove maintenance, watering, harvesting, and more. Like a farm share, you pay up front for a return on your investment later. A portion of the proceeds also goes to support local organizations. With any of the following options, you have the option to travel to Greece and help pick olives from your tree!

Option One.

Adopt and baptize one of our 150 year old trees with your name! You will receive a certificate of adoption, an olive wood sign with your name, a five-liter can of olive oil in the spring, and 2 bottles of your choice of infused olive oil in the fall. Upon completion of your year, we can send your personalized sign back to the US for you to keep, or if you renew, it stays on your tree.


  • Adopt 1 tree $250
  • Adopt 2 trees $450
  • Adopt 4 trees $800
  • Want to adopt even more? Let us know.

Help us maintain our olive groves and support local organizations.

Option Two.

Adopt a newly planted tree from the 500 new trees we just planted! Every year until actual olive production from those trees kicks—in about three years—we offer you a certificate of adoption, an olive wood sign with your name, and 2 bottles of infused oil in the fall. After three years, you will begin to receive a one-liter bottle of its oil of “Special Athenolia Production.” In the fourth year, you will receive 2 one-liter bottles and can renew your adoption.


  • $150 per year, with a minimum for 4 years.
  • This allows for the trees to grow and begin producing.


Want to visit Dimitri Olive Farms? We offer tours!


See photos of our bountiful 2018 harvest.

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